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The Big Memory Draw[er]

BigMemoryDraw-lowArtists at Gainsborough [art]works in Stafford are inviting people to visit them during a four day event this week as part of The Big Draw, the world’s biggest drawing festival. The sessions are designed for anyone, any age, who loves to draw as well as those who think they can’t!

The Workshop at Gainsborough [art]works in St. Patrick’s Street will host an interactive still life based on retro and vintage objects to create discussion around their importance in triggering memories.

Stafford based community artist and photographer Dawn Jutton says: “The theme of this year’s Big Draw is ‘Every Drawing tells a Story’ so we decided to use the idea of the way we keep objects to preserve memories and call our event ‘The Big Memory Draw[er]. We would like visitors to bring along objects that have a special significance to them to be included in a still life. Our artists will collect your story, and help you draw the object using a variety of techniques and styles.”

Dawn has brought together a team of locally based experienced artists and tutors, including painter Mark Lippett , embroiderer Amanda Clayton, ceramicist Eve Bennett, and printmaker Tracy Barlow to lead a series of sessions designed to share their enthusiasm for drawing in its widest form.

Artists are also welcome to join the team at any point to come along and respond to the still life and share in the fun. As usual there will be plenty of tea, coffee and cake on hand to keep everyone going, and a big finale day on Saturday to which everyone will be invited back to see the drawings on display.

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The event will be open 11am – 4pm Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, and 11am -7pm on Thursday 22nd Oct.

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