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‘Scapes exhibition at the Shire Hall Art Gallery Stafford

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The new exhibition ‘Scapes opened at the weekend at the Shire Hall Gallery, which includes a wonderful collection of digital photography, watercolour painting, leaf designs and a collaborative film piece by pupils at Oakridge Primary School, Stafford.

Children were inspired by a walk through Cannock Chase where they responded creatively to the environment and made close observations through various photographic and film activities.

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“I really enjoyed the Cannock Chase trip the most because it was a great opportunity to explore more of the chase and its wildlife. I learnt how to investigate deep into the depths of The Chase.” – Lauren.

“What I enjoyed most was our trip to Cannock Chase, where we examined unusual leaves and twigs and lots of other things. I also learned a lot of things about photography like how the light affects the photo that you are taking and how good the photo looks from lots of different angles” – Hazel

“I really, really want to do this again and I want to do more of this at home!” – Freddie

‘Scapes is on until 8th March 2015

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