[M]anifesto (Terms and conditions for membership)

  1. Gainsborough [art]works artists, creative practitioners and businesses believe that creative thinking can develop personal confidence, positive attitudes and business opportunities. We agree to promote and support the arts in the widest sense, whilst also encouraging wider engagement, participation and learning through creative practice.
  2. Gainsborough [art]works provides a support network and creative space for professional and semi-professional artists who want to create and promote their work, seek dialogue with other artists and share their knowledge and expertise.
  3. Gainsborough [art]works aims to provide opportunities for members to work collaboratively in a supportive and positive environment and, when appropriate or desired, provide opportunities to exhibit or work together. Members agree to respect others’ practice and working methodologies, and to maintain good relationships wherever possible.
  4. Gainsborough [art]works will run an artist led community space with the aim of actively promoting and supporting participation in the arts for Stafford residents and it’s wider communities. Creative practitioners will be encouraged to use this space to share their skills and knowledge with the community and, where appropriate, offer qualifications.
  5. Gainsborough [art]works members will encourage the sharing of information about opportunities, support group and individual funding applications and, where appropriate, be actively involved in wider community projects.
  6. Gainsborough [art]works aims to support artists, creative practitioners and businesses living or working in Stafford area who share the common ethos identified by the points of this manifesto through associate membership. The collective aims to remain as open as possible but all creative individuals or businesses who identify with the collective through promotion, shared working space, exhibiting or community arts practice agree to the ethos and terms of this manifesto.
  7. Gainsborough [art]works members have a responsibility to safeguard the reputation of the brand and each other, and agree to positively promote Gainsborough [art]works to the wider community.
  8. Gainsborough [art]works management retains the right to disassociate itself from member artists, creative practitioners and businesses that contravene the terms of this manifesto, damage or put at risk the reputation of Gainsborough [art]works and or it’s members or associate members.

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