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‘Gainsborough Works’ : a visual response to the building by Dawn Jutton

Curtain Cracks

GAINSBOROUGH WORKS Places are always real.* The Gainsborough Works is a real place. It’s a place undergoing change. A necessary action to preserve it but, as in previous similar phases, one that is slowly erasing the evidence of it’s past. The separate photographs which make up the images in this series come from several months of recording a building in the process of changing it’s appearance and serve as documentary evidence but… Places have memories. They remember everything.* We look into and out from buildings. We inhabit places and abandon them with little regard for the impact we have had on them. Our actions, thoughts and memories become layered within the fabric of the physical and spiritual place. It is that ephemeral space that these images attempt to capture. Whilst each of the layers provide physical evidence of a place and time, bringing them together invites the viewer to imagine a new space un-reliant on the evidence of its existence. *Taken from ‘Places’ by Wim Wenders, Los Angeles, 2001 in the exhibition catalogue of ‘Pictures from the Surface of the Earth.’

spider window door-to-nowhere barbed-stairs

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