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Five days of FREE Workshops

gw-workshop flier


Gainsborough Artworks are please to announce a full five days of workshops totally free as well as open studio and discussions.

From 3rd of February to the  7th February we shall be hosting photography, technology computer security and design drop in workshops.

Time table so far TBC…

  • Open Studio 11am – 7pm most days
  • Tuesday 11am – 5pm – Sessions covering computer basics, internet and setup
  • Wednesday 1pm – 7pm – Photography and Photoshop
  • Thursday 11am – 7pm – Open studio and drop in workshops with Dawn Jutton
  • Saturday 10am – 4pm – Open studio and drop in workshops with Dawn Jutton

Further workshop details;


drop in workshop addPhotography and Photoshop

Focusing more on photography and Photoshop Mixedmedia will help you with your snapshots, technology and increase your photoshop expertise.
Bring any camera, phones or whatever you take your photos on for FREE guidance.
Please come and spread your knowledge to others too

Tuesday’s Technology Workshops.

Sessions covering computer basics, internet and setup.
Bring a computer, phone, tablet or laptop to learn basics like setting up email to changing hardware or building a website.




Workshop partners;

Mixedmedia Dawn Jutton Photographer Canvas Hut MediadivasMixedmedia Creative Photography

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