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Deconstructed corners 1-4 by Stuart Kean

The old fine art studios left to degrade in the Gainsborough Works building are being given a  new lease of life 13 year later. These mixed media images represent the old life of the studios collected, catalogued and recycled. Using the items found to build and represent its history as the area is rebuilt and turned into new studios.

The studios as deconstructed and reconstructed space.

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Deconstructed Corner 1

Photograph on canvas and mixed media.

Burnt newspaper, circa 1990.

Plaster board powder from hole kicked in wall, unknown.

Pieces of faded red vertical blind, circa 2000.

Decayed foam stuffing from seat, circa 1980.

Deconstructed Corner 2

Photograph on canvas and mixed media.

Floor dust with grit, unknown.

Hand written paper note, circa 2000.

Muslin fabric seal from chair, circa 1980

Dark wood window sill splinters, unknown

Deconstructed Corner 3

Photograph on canvas and mixed media.

Unravelled blue carpet, unknown.

Blue “Broadcast” lettering flaked off, circa 2000.

Dark window sill dust, unknown.­­

Powdered rust, unknown.

Deconstructed Corner 4

Photograph on canvas and mixed media.

Flakes of industrial hand soap from kitchen, unknown.

Broken glass from iron multi pane window, circa 1900.

Faded orange patterned material, circa 1980.

Rusted and shredded badge, circa 2000.

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